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RS-232 transmission speed


This is the speed at which the data is transmitted through the cable. It is essential that the speed you select must be the same on both units e.g. the projector and the control system.

Many projectors have a fixed speed and some have 2 or 3 different speeds. If your projector allows you to change the speed setting, we recommend you select the lowest possible speed.

This is because the transmission speed and the maximum cable length are inversely proportional:
lower speeds are more tolerant of external noise and make it possible to use a longer cable.

Below you see a table that specifies the maximum length of the cables. The cable length is defined in the
EIA RS-232C standard, but can be longer or shorter depending on the situation.



Any wire near the RS-232 cable can potentially disrupt communication. However, high voltage wires (from 110 VAC and up) are those most likely to cause problems. If a cooler unit (motor) is at the end of one of these high voltage wires, the risk of disruption further increases. Also, if you are using a projector screen operated by an electric motor, your system will be exposed to more noise because the screen inducts high voltages when starting, stopping and changing direction.

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