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Discrete IR codes

Discrete IR codes

Discrete IR codes are IR codes that are not always available via the remote control also hidden IR
codes, in other words.
Controlling IR devices can sometimes be difficult due to the lack of discrete IR functions on the
device remote control, such as:

  • Direct source selection
  • One IR code for ON and one for OFF
  • One IR code for MUTE ON and one for MUTE OFF

Not having a direct IR code for HDMI input, for example, may result in the need to build a macro
that first changes the device to a known state and then repeats the source selection code to se-
quence through to the HDMI input. This solution works but can take a lot of time to execute. This
is where discrete IR codes come in handy.

To find the hidden codes, you can contact the device manufacturer.
Alternatively, we recommend you can search for the codes on the Internet. There are a number of
sites where large numbers of discrete IR codes are available. Please look at

or (login required, free)

Once you find the code you need, copy and paste it into the Neets Device Editor program and test 

it. A discrete IR code can cover multiple devices from the same manufacturer, so if you do not find
the specific model you need, try another from the same manufacturer.

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