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Capture the IR code with an IR learner

Capturing IR codes

Capturing IR codes from a remote control can be a challenge. Keeping the following simple guidelines in mind will help you overcome the most common problems. When learning IR codes, it is important to have access to the device that you want to control. This enables you to test the IR codes and confirm that they are working as expected

How to capture IR codes

To capture IR codes and get them into the Neets Device Editor, you need the Neets Uni IR Learner
(Item number: 308-0002 or a control system with built-in IR learner) Once you have connected the Neets Uni IR Learner to your computer COM port you are ready to start learning the IR codes.

It is also possible to learn commands directly via one of the following control systems, as they have an IR learner built into them; SieRRa II, TanGo, AlFa II and DelTa.

Simply connect via USB and select the USB port of the controller in the Edit section of Device Editor.

What is important when capturing IR codes?

When learning IR codes from a remote control, do the following:

  • Point the remote control directly towards the IR learning eye.
  • Keep a distance of 3 – 7 cm between the remote control and
    the IR learning eye.
  • Never move the remote control while pressing the button on remote.
  • Press the key when asked by the software and keep it pressed until prompted. “Done with IR learning”.
  • Avoid learning the IR codes in strong sunlight.
  • Turn off all IR communication on nearby devices like laptops and phones.

The IR learner





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